Light up people´s eyes,
with natural sceneries,
created out of plastic waste.

Captured Light is a set of lamps made out of plastic waste,
that enhance amazement and look like a natural scenery.
Every lamp is unique and handmade out of plastic bottle caps.

Bottle caps are easy to recycle and fun to collect. The menu
with different nature themes, like Cozy Clouds or Cool Ocean,
give you the possibility to choose the lamp that sparks your
imagination the most.

With Captured Light you can bring the ocean inside your
house and give a second life to plastic bottle caps. Made of
the plastic that otherwise damages the ocean.

How it started 

Captured Light is founded by designer Sabrin Ghazal. It
started as a graduation project for the master Design for
Interaction at the TU Delft. After her graduation she really
wanted to continue; to bring the lamps to the people and
amaze them with material that is thrown away or
downcycled otherwise.

After a lot of experimenting she found out that by melting
and mixing the caps in a special way, color patterns arise
with an almost magical appearance when light shines
through. When combining the right colors, the plastic looks
gets a natural appearance. These insights have led to the
start of creating the lamps.